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Cars We Can Import

Nissan Skyline R32

(1989) - GTR, GTS, GTS-T, ect...

Nissan Silvia S13

(1989) - SR20DET Motor

AE86 Sprinter Trueno

(1983-1987) - Corolla Levin

Nissan Pao


Nissan S Cargo

(1989) - 36mpg

Honda City Turbo II


C10 + C110 Skyline GT-R

(1968-1977) - Original GT-R

Many More...

Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, Ferrari, Ford, Lancia, Land Rover, Mercedes, Volvo, VW, etc...

Is the Car...

Yes. You will have no problem insuring the car. If needed, we will refer you to highly reputable insurance providers.
Yes. Once the car reaches 25 years of age, the car is exempt from EPA and FMVSS requirements. We have all the necessary paperwork and documents you need. You will have no issues registering the car that you purchase from us.
Yes. Many maintenance parts are interchangable with engines and cars in the US. For parts that are not, we have connections and can help locate the part you need.

We're not the only ones excitedhappythrilledemotional about Nissan Skylines...

People all around the world have had access to amazing cars. It's our turn now.